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T. J. Rodgers

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T. J. Rodgers

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Tendance Libertarien
Nationalité États-Unis États-Unis
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Thurman John Rodgers, souvent appelé T. J. Rodgers, est le fondateur et CEO de Cypress Semiconductor et se déclare publiquement libertarien.


  • I am proud to be a free market capitalist. And I resent the fact that Mackey's philosophy demeans me as an egocentric child because I have refused on moral grounds to embrace the philosophies of collectivism and altruism that have caused so much human misery, however tempting the sales pitch for them sounds. (débat dans Reason)
  • I don't like subsidies. I don't think the government ought to be taking money from people and giving it to other people, for any reason. If I had a choice to vote for getting rid of subsidies to corporations, including SunPower, I would vote for it. Having said that, the subsidies in Germany--I'm all for the German subsidies (laughs). I'm real happy to take money from the German government...I just don't like American subsidies. But I think you could probably credit national subsidies with an acceleration of something like 10 years (in) getting solar rolling. (entretien avec CNET)
  • Most government "investments" in technology are total wastes of money. The Chinese government's investments in technology have been a waste of Chinese money, and the concept that we somehow must have our own boondoggles is our own waste of taxpayers' money. (entretien avec CNET)
  • I am much more sympathetic to government investments in university research than money that goes to corporations. It's not because I see huge amounts coming out of universities, but that research typically is the vehicle by which students are trained. (entretien avec CNET)

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