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Peter Lewin (bibliographie)

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Cet article présente la liste des œuvres de Peter Lewin, de façon aussi exhaustive que possible. Pour une présentation de l'auteur et de sa pensée, voir l'article dédié.

De 1971 à 1979

  • 1971, A Tentative Consideration of the Methods and Efficiency of South African Monetary Policy in Recent Years, The South African Banker, November, 398-410
  • 1972, The Essential Role of Money in the Economy, South African Journal of Economics, September, 268-274
  • 1976, The Black-White Wage Gap: 1952-1969, South African Journal of Economics, June
  • 1977,
    • a. Indexation and Inflation: A Note, South African Journal of Economics, September, 287-290
    • b. On the Definition and Measurement of Inflation, South African Journal of Economics, September 1977, 289-293
  • 1978,
    • a. On the Definition of Inflation: Reply to Professor Botha and “Reply to Mr. Mittermaier” and Rejoinder to Professor Botha, South African Journal of Economics, March 1978, 71-86
    • b. Money, Inflation and Economic Growth, The Investment Analysts Journal, April, 8-14
    • c. Subsidies and Regulation in Medicine, South African Journal of Hospital Medicine, January, 10-14
    • d. Inflation, Common Fallacies and Real Issues, Fact and Opinion Papers, N°3, (Second Edition), Graduate School of Business Administration, University of the Witwatersrand

De 1980 à 1989

  • 1982,
    • a. Pollution Externalities, Social Cost, and Strict Liability, Cato Journal, Vol 2, n°1, spring, pp205–229
    • b. Perspectives on the Cost of Inflation, Southern Economic Journal, January
  • 1983, Comment: Competitive Money, CATO Journal, Fall
  • 1984,
    • a. avec Frank J. Allessio et Steve G. Parsons, “The Layman's Guide to the Value of Electric Power Reliability, Proceedings of the Electric Power Research Institute, Seminar on the Value of Service Reliability to Consumers
    • b. avec James Beckett, “The Statistician as Expert Witness,” Chapter VI of Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice Statistics
  • 1988, Capital Markets and the Political Business Cycle, In: Political Business Cycles and the Political Economy of Stagflation, Tom Willett, Dir., Duke University Press
  • 1989, avec Paula England, "Economic and Sociological Views of Discrimination in Labor Markets: Persistence or Demise?", Sociological Spectrum, Vol 9, n°3, pp239–257

De 1991 à 1999

  • 1995, Methods and Metaphors in Capital Theory, Advances in Austrian Economics vol. 2
  • 1997,
    • a. Hayekian Equilibrium and Change, Journal of Economic Methodology, 4:2, pp245-266
    • b. "Capital and Time: Variations on a Hicksian Theme", In, Roger Koppl et Steven Horwitz, dir., "Advances in Austrian Economics, Vol 4", Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp63-74
    • c. Capital in Disequilibrium: A Reexamination of the Capital Theory of Ludwig M. Lachmann, History of Political Economy Winter, 29(3), pp523-548
    • d. Rothbard and Mises on Interest: An Exercise in Theoretical Purity, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Spring 1997, 141-159.
  • 1998,
    • a. The Firm, Money and Economic Calculation, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, October
    • b. Capital Structure and Organizational Structure: an Austrian Market-Process Theory of the Firm, Working paper, School of Management, University of Texas, Dallas
    • c. Capital in Disequilibrium: The Role of Capital in a Changing World, London and New York, Routledge
    • d. avec Steven E. Phelan, Rent and Resources: A Market Process Perspective, University of Texas à Dallas, Working Paper

De 2000 à 2009

  • 2000,
    • a. avec Steven E. Phelan, Arriving at a Strategic Theory of the Firm, International Journal of Management Reviews, December
    • b. Capital in Disequilibrium. London: Routledge
    • c. My Teacher and his Legacy,” Contribution to: “Professor Lachmann (1906 – 1990): Scholar, Teacher, and Austrian School Critic of Late Classical Formalism in Economics, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 59 (3), July 2000, 381-390
    • d. William Hutt and the Economics of Apartheid, Constitutional Political Economy 11(3), October
    • e. avec Steven E. Phelan, An Austrian Theory of the Firm, Review of Austrian Economics, 13 (1), pp59-80
      • Traduit en espagnol en 2003, Una teoría austríaca de la empresa, Libertas, Vol 39, octobre
  • 2007,
    • a. avec Steve Horwitz, “Heterogeneous Human Capital, Uncertainty, and the Structure of Plans: A Market Process Approach to Marriage and Divorce,” Review of Austrian Economics
    • b. “Facts, Values and the Burden of Proof” Independent Review
    • c. “Creativity or Coercion: Alternative Perspectives on Rights to Intellectual Property,” Journal of Business Ethics, (71), pp441–455

De 2010 à 2019

  • 2011,
    • a. "Critical Perspective: Reflections on the Nature and Scope of the Concept of Capital and its Extension to Intangibles - a Capital-Based Approach to the Firm", In: Alan Burton-Jones, JC Spender et Gary Becker, dir., "The Oxford Handbook of Human Capital", Oxford University Press
    • b. avec Howard Baetjer, "The capital-based view of the firm", The Review of Austrian Economics, vol 24, n°4, décembre, pp335-354
  • 2018, avec Nicolás Cachanosky, "Value and capital: Austrian capital theory, retrospect and prospect", Review of Austrian Economics, Vol 31, n°1, pp1–26
  • 2019,
    • a. "Ludwig Lachmann and the Austrians", Research in the history of economic thought and methodology: a research annual, Vol 37, n°2, pp55-67
    • b. "Austrian Economics is Alive and Growing: Retrospect and Prospect", In: Steven Horwitz, dir., "Austrian Economics: The Next Generation", (Advances in Austrian Economics, Volume 23) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp7-14

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