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Paul Lewis (bibliographie)

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Cet article présente la liste des œuvres de Paul Lewis, de façon aussi exhaustive que possible. Pour une présentation de l'auteur et de sa pensée, voir l'article dédié.

De 1999 à 2009

  • 1999, "Metaphor and Critical Realism", In: Steve Fleetwood, dir., "Critical Realism in Economics: Development and Debate", London and New York: Routledge
  • 2000, "Realism, Causation and the Problem of Social Structure", Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, Vol 30, pp249-268
  • 2002,
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    • b. Agency, structure and causality in political science: a comment, Politics, 22: 17-23
    • c. Commentaire du livre de Sandye Gloria-Palermo, "The Evolution of Austrian Economics: From Menger to Lachmann", Journal of Economic Issues, Vol 36, n°4, Dec., pp1131-1133
  • 2003,
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  • 2004,
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  • 2006,
    • a. avec H. Gospel et P. Ryan, 'Educational and Contractual Attributes of the Apprenticeship Programmes of Large British Employers.' Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 58, pp359-383
    • b. On the Political Economy of Neo-liberalism. A Review of The Rise of the Market: Essays on the Political Economy of Neo-liberalism, Economics and Philosophy, 22, pp289-295
  • 2007,
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    • b. avec Jochen Runde, Subjectivism, Social Structures and the Possibility of Socio-economic Order, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 62, pp167-186
  • 2008,
    • a. avec Emily Chamlee-Wright, "Social embeddedness, social capital and the market process: An introduction to the special issue on Austrian economics, economic sociology and social capital", The Review of Austrian Economics, Vol 21, n°2-3, septembre, pp107-118
    • b. "Uncertainty, power and trust", The Review of Austrian Economics, Vol 21, n°2-3, septembre, pp183-198
    • c. avec H. Gospel et P. Ryan, "A Hard Sell? The Prospects for Apprentice Training in British Retailing", Human Resource Management Journal, 18: 3-19
    • d. "Solving the 'Lachmann Problem': Orientation, Individualism and the Causal Explanation of Socio-Economic Order", American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Vol 67, pp827-857
  • 2009,
    • a. avec P. Ryan, External Inspection and the Role of Employers in the Apprenticeship Programme in England’s Training Market, Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training, 1: 44-68
    • b. Turning to Reality? A Review Essay on Tony Lawson’s Reorienting Economics, Review of Radical Political Economics, 41, pp108-117

De 2010 à 2019

  • 2010, "Certainly Not! A Critical Realist Recasting of Ludwig von Mises‘s Methodology of the Social Sciences", Journal of Economic Methodology, Vol 17, pp277–299
  • 2011,
    • a. “Varieties of Emergence: Minds, Markets, and Novelty“, Studies in Emergent Order, Vol 4, pp170-192
    • b. "Far from a Nihilistic Crowd: The Theoretical Contribution of Radical Subjectivist Austrian Economics", Review of Austrian Economics, Vol 24, pp185-198
    • c. avec H. Gospel, "Who Cares about Skills? The Impact and Limits of Statutory Regulation on Qualifications and Skills in Social Care", British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol 49, n°4, pp601-622
  • 2012,
    • a. "Emergent properties in the work of Friedrich Hayek", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol 82, n°2–3, pp368–378
    • b. avec David A. Harper, "New perspectives on emergence in economics", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol 82, n°2-3, pp329-337
  • 2013, "On Hayek, Social Theory, And The Contrastive Explanation Of Socio-Economic Order", Critical Reviw, Vol 25, n°3-4, pp386-408
    • repris en 2015, In: Jeffrey Friedman, dir., "Hayek’s Political Theory, Epistemology, and Economics", London and New York: Routledge
  • 2014,
    • a. "Notions of Order and Process in Hayek: The Significance of Emergence", Cambridge Journal of Economics
    • b. "The Over-training of Apprentices by Employers in Advanced Manufacturing: A Theoretical and Policy Analysis", Human Resource Management Journal, 24 (4), pp496-513
    • c. "Hayek: From Economics as Equilibrium Analysis to Economics as Social Theory", In: Norman Barry et Roger Garrison, dir., "Elgar Companion to Hayekian Economics", Edward Elgar, ISBN 9780857931108 ISBN 0857931105
  • 2015,
    • a. avec Peter Lewin, "Orders, Orders, Everywhere ... On Hayek’s The Market and Other Orders", Cosmos + Taxis: Studies in Emergent Order and Organization, Vol 2, n°2, pp1-17
    • b. avec R. Garnett, L. Ealy, dir., "Commerce and community: Ecologies of social cooperation", London and New York, NY: Routledge
    • c. avec R. Garnett, L. Ealy, "Introduction", In: R. Garnett, L. Ealy, Paul Lewis, dir., "Commerce and community: Ecologies of social cooperation", London and New York, NY: Routledge, pp1–10
  • 2016,
    • a. "Systems, Structural Properties and Levels of Organisation: The Influence of Ludwig Von Bertalanffy on the Work of F.A. Hayek", In: Luca Fiorito, Scott Scheall, Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, dir., "Including a Symposium on Austrian Economics in the Postwar Era" (Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology), Vol 34A, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp125-159
    • b. "The Emergence of “Emergence” In the Work of F. A. Hayek: A Historical Analysis", History of Political Economy, Vol 48, n°1, pp111–150

De 2020 à 2029

  • 2020, "Tensions and Ambiguities in Hayek’s Social Theory: Ontology, Methodology, Substantive Claims, and Self-description", In: Stefanie Haeffele, Solomon M. Stein, Virgil Henry Storr, dir., "Hayek’s Tensions: Reexamining the Political Economy and Philosophy of F. A. Hayek", Arlington, VA: Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Ch 4, pp85-114