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Gordon Tullock (bibliographie)

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Cet article présente la liste des œuvres de Gordon Tullock, de façon aussi exhaustive que possible. Pour une présentation de l'auteur et de sa pensée, voir l'article dédié.

De 1954 à 1959

  • 1954, avec Colin Campbell, Hyper-Inflation in China, 1937-40. Journal of Political Economy 62 (juin), pp237-45
  • 1957,
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      • Traduit en coréen, Seoul National University's Economic Journal
    • c. Japanese Modernization and the West, Prod 1 (novembre), pp28-29.
  • 1958, "Reply", American Economic Review 48 (septembre), pp661-62


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De 1960 à 1969

  • 1960,
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    • b. commentaire du livre d'Albert Hirschman, "Exit, Voice, and Loyalty", Journal of Finance, Vol 25, December, pp1194–1195
    • c. "Letters: Competitive Exclusion", Science, Vol 132, n°3419, p95
  • 1961,
    • a. The Historic Figure: Why Study Ignorance, American Behavioral Scientist, 5 (novembre), pp25-26
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    • c. Reply to a Traditionalist, Journal of Political Economy, 69, avril, pp200-03
    • d. An Economic Analysis of Political Choice, II Politico, 16, pp234-240
    • e. Utility, Strategy, and Social Decision Rules: Comment, Quarterly Journal of Economics 75 (August), pp493-97
    • f. Our `Other-Directed' Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy Bulletin 1 (novembre), pp 1 - 2
    • g. A Practical Guide for the Ambitious Politician, Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press
  • 1962,
    • a. avec James M. Buchanan, The Calculus of Consent: Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press
      • Edition Paperback en 1965
      • Traduction espagnole en 1980
      • Traduction japonaise en 1980
    • b. Entrepreneurial Politics. Research monograph #5 (Thomas Jefferson Center for Political Economy, University of Virginia, février)
  • 1965, "The Politics of Bureaucracy", Washington, D.C.: Public Affairs Press
    • Repris en 2005, In: Charles K. Rowley, dir., "The Selected Works of Gordon Tullock: Vol 6: Bureaucracy", Indianapolis, Ind.: Liberty Fund, pp13–235
  • 1966, The Organization of Inquiry. Durham, NC: Duke University Press
  • 1967,
    • a. The Welfare Costs of Tariffs, Monopolies, and Theft, Western Economic Journal, 5 (juin 1967): 224—32
    • b. Toward a Mathematics of Politics, Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press
    • c. The Economics of Slavery, Left and Right, Vol. 3, n°2, Spring-Summer, pp5-16
  • 1968, “A Note on Censorship,” The American Political Science Review, 62 (4): 1265-1267
  • 1969,
    • a. The New Theory of Corporations, In: Erich Streissler, Gottfried Haberler, Friedrich Lutz et Fritz Machlup, eds, Roads to Freedom: Essays in honour of Friedrich A. von Hayek, New York: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp287-307
    • b. “Federalism: Problems of Scale”, Public Choice, 6, Spring, pp19—30
    • c. "An Economic Approach to Crime", Social Science Quarterly, Vol 50, pp551-579

De 1970 à 1979

  • 1970, "Public Means, Private Wants", New York: Basic Books


  • a. Logic of the Law. New York: Basic Books
  • b. Public Decisions as Public Goods, Journal of Political Economy 79 (4): 913-18
  • c. The Paradox of Revolution, Public Choice II (Fall 1971): 89-100
  • d. The Coal Tit as a Careful Shopper, The American Naturalist 105 (janvier/février): 77–80
  • e. The Cost of Transfers, Kyklos 24, pp629-643
  • f. The Charity of the Uncharitable, Economic Inquiry, 9, décembre, pp379-392
  • h. "Biological externalities", Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol 33, n°4, pp565–576


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  • c. The Edge of the Jungle, In: Explorations in the Theory of Anarchy, Gordon Tullock, Dir., Blacksburg, Va.: Center for the Study of Public Choice, pp65–75



  • a. "The Social Dilemma: The Economics of War and Revolution", Blacksburg, VA: University Publications
  • b. dir., "Further explorations in the Theory of Anarchy", Blacksburg, VA: University Publications
  • c. "Corruption and Anarchy", In: Gordon Tullock, dir., "Further explorations in the Theory of Anarchy", Blacksburg, VA: University Publications, pp65-70


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  • 1976,
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    • b. The Vote Motive, Lansing, England: Institute for Economic Affairs
  • 1978, avec Richard McKenzie, Modern Political Economy: An Introduction to Economics, New York: McGraw-Hill

De 1980 à 1989


  • b. "Efficient Rent Seeking", In: James M. Buchanan, Robert D. Tollison, Gordon Tullock, dir., "Toward a Theory of the Rent-Seeking Society", College Station: Texas A&M University Press, pp97-112


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  • 1985, “Adam Smith and the Prisoners’ Dilemma.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 100 (Suppl.): 1073–81
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De 1990 à 1999

  • 1990, "Sociobiology and Economics", Atlantic Economic Journal, September
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De 2000 à 2006