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Lawrence White (bibliographie)

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Cet article présente la liste des œuvres de Lawrence White, de façon aussi exhaustive que possible. Pour une présentation de l'auteur et de sa pensée, voir l'article dédié.

De 1977 à 1979

  • 1979, “On the Recent Controversy Concerning Equilibration”, Austrian Economics Newsletter 2, N° 2 (fall): 6-7

De 1980 à 1984

  • 1983,
    • a. "Competitive Money, Inside and Out", Cato Journal, 3, Spring, pp281-300
      • Repris en 1987, "Competitive Money, Inside and Out", In: James A. Dorn et Anna J. Schwartz, dir., "The Search for Stable Money: Essays on Monetary Reform", Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp339-360
    • b. Fix or Float, Inquiry, 6: 12, November
    • Repris en 1989, In: Lawrence H. White, dir., Competition and Currency: Essays on Free Banking and Money, New York: New York University Press, pp137-147

De 1985 à 1989

  • 1987,
    • a. avec George Selgin, The Evolution of a Free Banking System, Economic Inquiry, July, Vol 25, n°3, pp439-457
    • b. "Accounting for Non-interest-bearing Currency: A Critique of the Legal Restrictions Theory of Money", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol 19, November, pp448–456
  • 1989,
    • a. What Kinds of Monetary Institutions Would a Free Market Deliver?, Cato Journal 9 (Fall): 367-91
    • b. "Competition and Currency: Essays on Free Banking and Money", New York: New York University Press

De 1990 à 1994

  • 1990,
    • a. Commentaire du livre "Man, Economy and Liberty: Essays in Honor of Murray N. Rothbard”, Journal of Economic Literature (June)
    • b. "Entrepreneurship, Imagination and the Question of Equilibration”, In: Stephen Littlechild, dir., "Austrian Economics", Vol III, Brookfield, Vermont: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp87-104 (article inédit écrit le 14 Janvier 1976)
    • c. "Banking without a central bank: Scotland before 1844 as a “Free Banking System’”, In: F. Capie, G. E. Wood, dir., "Unregulated Banking: Chaos or Order?", London: Macmillan
    • d. "Scottish banking and the legal restrictions theory: a closer look", Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Vol 22, November, pp526–536
    • e. avec George Selgin, "Laissez-faire monetary thought in Jacksonian America", In: D. E. Moggridge, dir., "Perspectives on the History of Economic Thought", vol. 4, Aldershot, England: Edward Elgar


  • a. dir., Free Banking. Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar Publisher
    • Nouvelle édition en 1995, London: The Institute of Economic Affairs
  • b. The Crisis in American Banking. New York: New York University Press
  • c. The Community Reinvestment Act: Good Intentions Headed in the Wrong Direction.” Fordham Urban Law Journal, 20 (1993): 281


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  • c. avec George Selgin, "Monetary Reform and the Redemption of National Bank Notes, 1863–1913", Business History Review, 68(2), pp205–243

De 1995 à 1999

  • 1995,
    • a. “Is There an Economics of Interpersonal Comparisons?,” Advances in Austrian Economics, Vol. 2, Part A (Greenwich CT: JAI Press), pp135-151
    • b. "Thoughts on the Economics of 'Digital Currency'", Extropy, n°15, Vol 7, n°2, 2ème et 3ème trimestre, pp16-19
    • c. "Spending Money Freely", The Freeman, May, Vol 45, n°5, pp296-299 (L'auteur exprime l'idée qu'il y a plus en jeu dans le transfert électronique de fonds qu'une méthode de paiement simple et pratique).
  • 1998, avec Bernard Shull, The Right Corporate Structure for Expanded Bank Activities, Banking Law Journal 115
  • 1999,
    • a. Hayek’s Monetary Theory and Policy: A Critical Reconstruction, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 31 (February):109–20
    • b. Why Didn't Hayek Favor Laissez Faire in Banking?, History of Political Economy, Vol 31 (Winter 1999): 753-769
    • c. "The Theory of Monetary Institutions", London: Basil Blackwell et Oxford: Blackwell
    • d. avec George Selgin, "A Fiscal Theory of Government’s Role in Money", Economic Inquiry, Vol 37, pp154–165
    • e. "Asia Needs Capital Controls? It Just Ain't So!", The Freeman, March, Vol 49, n°3, pp4-5

De 2000 à 2009

  • 2000,
    • a. Hayek, Currency Competition and European Monetary Union. London: Institute of Economic Affairs
    • b. dir., The History of Gold and Silver. London: Pickering & Chatto
    • c. commentaire du livre : The Defining Moment: The Great Depression and the American Economy in the Twentieth Century edited by Michael D. Bordo, Claudia Goldin, and Eugene N. White,” The Independent Review, Vol. IV, No. 3 (Winter), pp456-461
  • 2003, "Accounting for Fractional-Reserve Banknotes and Deposits—or, What’s Twenty Quid to the Bloody Midland Bank?", Independent Review, Vol 2, n°3, Winter, pp423–441
  • 2005,
    • a. avec George Selgin, Credible Currency: A Constitutional Perspective, Constitutional Political Economy, Vol 16, mars, pp71–83
    • b. "The Federal Reserve System’s Influence on Research in Monetary Economics", Econ Journal Watch, Vol 2, n°2, pp325–354
  • 2009,
    • a. "The Credit Rating Agencies and the Subprime Debacle", Critical Review, Vol 21, n°2-3
    • b. "Federal Reserve Policy and the Housing Bubble", Cato Journal, Vol 29, n°1, Winter, pp115-125

De 2010 à 2019

  • 2012,
    • a. "The Clash of Economic Ideas: The Great Policy Debates and Experiments of the Last Hundred Years", Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
      • Traduction en espagnol en 2014, "El choque de ideas económicas. Los grandes debates de política económica de los últimos cien años", Barcelona: Antoni Bosch
    • b. avec William J. Luther, "Positively Valued Fiat Money after the Sovereign Disappears", George Mason University Department of Economics Paper n°11-14
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    • g. "The Clash of Economic Ideas", The Freeman, July-August, Vol 62, n°6, pp8-10
  • 2013, "Antifragile Banking and Monetary Systems", Cato Journal, Vol 33, n°3, pp471–484
  • 2015,
    • a. avec Shruti Rajagopalan, G. P. Manish et Daniel Sutter, "Liberalism in India", Econ Journal Watch, Vol 12, n°3, septembre, pp432-459
    • b. "The merits and feasibility of returning to the gold standard", Journal of Financial Stability, 17 (2), pp59–64
    • c. "The market for Cryptocurrencies", Cato Journal, 35(2), pp383–402
  • 2016, "Hayek and Contemporary Macroeconomics", In: Peter J. Boettke, Virgil Henry Storr, dir., "Revisiting Hayek’s Political Economy" (Advances in Austrian Economics, Volume 21), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp41-61
  • 2019, "The Conflict Between Constitutionally Constraining the State and Empowering the State to Provide Public Goods", In: Richard Wagner, dir., "James M. Buchanan: A Theorist of Political Economy and Social Philosophy", New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp133-146

Depuis 2020

  • 2020, "Hayek’s Evolving Views on the Gold Standard", In: Stefanie Haeffele, Solomon M. Stein, Virgil Henry Storr, dir., "Hayek’s Tensions: Reexamining the Political Economy and Philosophy of F. A. Hayek", Arlington, VA: Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Ch 3, pp51-84